All About Jan

For a funny keynote speaker with solid contact and hilarious humor, you’re at the right place! Feel free to poke around here or check out her full website at

Before becoming a keynote speaker and comedian, Jan McInnis spent 14 years climbing the corporate ladder… and she has the comedy to prove it! From “control-freak” bosses to her assistant “calling in fat” and team building exercises gone awry, Jan has lived it all!! And she tells it all from the stage. Jan also hits a nerve among audiences with her bits on growing up in a large family and day-to-day “stuff.” Aside from a comedy show, Jan also has popular keynotes on Change and on Communications that have been a big hit with hundreds of organizations. And she is author of the book Finding the Funny Fast: How to Create Quick Humor to Connect with Clients, Coworkers and Crowds

Jan Customizes The Program!

All of her comedy shows hilarious keynotes are customized with information from your group. She’ll find out the issues your group is dealing with and have some light and appropriate fun with it. And don’t worry, she does a clean show so that EVERYONE can enjoy it! Jan was written up in the Washington Post in an article by Gene Weingarten for her clean comedy writing, and she was one of the comedians featured in the Wall Street Journal article titled Comedy Comes Clean.

Jan’s A Veteran Speaker & Entertainer!

Jan has spent the past 25+ years presenting humor and hilarious keynotes to thousands of organizations from health care groups such as the Mayo Clinic to financial groups such as the Federal Reserve banks, to educational groups, women’s groups, and beyond. And she’s been in front of everyone from CEO’s to Secretaries. Check out her keynotes to see which one is a great fit for your group!

jan joking mcaaHer Keynotes Have Great Content

Her keynotes on change and on communications are not only funny, but they have great content that will click with your group.  She uses examples from your industry, based on a client call with you, so that she makes the keynote relevant to your audience. Jan is one of the few working comediennes and comedy writers who can actually show you how to use humor in business. Lots of people will tell that you need to use humor in business, but they don’t tell you HOW to do it – Jan does.